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{June 12, 2008}   My Microteaching

        As for me, doing the microteaching in class is hard to me.  Because I quietly understand that if I make mistakes, every classmate and teacher will notice them.  I am really worried about my performance.  To be honest, I tried my best to prepare my microteaching this time.  Because I wanted to teach reading in an interesting way, I designed a handout for students.  I hoped my students could learn the reading happily.  After we finished the handout, students would surprisingly find out that they learned the reading unconsciously.  Besides, I also designed the group work, listening practice, and reading practice.  I hoped students could enhance their listening, writing, reading, and speaking abilities during this class. 

        However, it seemed that there were still a lot of things I should improve a lot.  I thought one of my problems was my designed handout.  Although my topic was “the superstition-based custom”, I thought maybe I should reconsider the relation among the ghost pictures in my handout.  Besides, I needed number the pictures in my handout so that students could follow the order.  What’s more, the writing assignment might appear too challenging for the 10th graders and the topic I gave them was convergent, therefore, I believed I should turn my topic into a divergent one, ask students to write four sentences about the topic, and provide a sample passage to students in order to encourage them to write. 

        After this presentation, I believe the experience of my microteaching will be my best challenge.  I am really happy that I can find out my mistakes and problems during this microteaching.  I deeply believe that next time I will do better.    





Microteaching Feedback Form


Teacher: Cindy Lai


    Date:  2008. 6. 3       






Teaching materials: San-min Book 2 Unit 6

Opening (6 min)

How did the teacher start the lesson? Did the teacher state the intended lesson objectives clearly? Did the teacher keep students informed of lesson procedures and activities in the beginning?

1.      Greetings

2.      Checking assignment orally.

3.      Grouping instruction



List of main learning activities in the time order. Identify the sequence (sub-activities) and mark the patterns of interaction in each learning activity.


¨          Sequencing (such as presentation, practice, production or pre-reading, while- reading, post reading)

The teacher asks the students to look at the handout, preview the vocabulary and read the sentences.

Then, students are asked to conduct a group discussion and fill in the blank part in the handout. 

Then, the whole class checks the answers together.

Listening comprehension activity, followed by the questions on page 95.

¨          Patterns of interaction (teacher-led /individual work / pair work / group work)
Teacher-led activities and group work interweave together, focusing on the content as well as listening and speaking

¨         Pacing: time allocated to each learning activity; time management
The class goes smoothly. The students are cooperative.

Closure (1 min)

How did the teacher end the lesson? Was there any evaluation of the lesson? Did the teacher give any summary of the lesson or assignment to the students?

1.          Giving assignment in the end: Can you imagine how many customs and superstitions are involved in the large number of events that we have to deal with for birth to death? (250 words)

2.          Next week quiz: Unit 6

Feedback Qs

1.      How do you think of my teaching process?

2.      Which part of my teaching should be improved?


1.      I can not see the relation among the pictures in your handout.

2.      I suggest you number the pictures in your handout so that your students can follow the order.

3.      After the listening, you can have your students answer the questions on page 95 individually to reduce teacher-led orientation.

4.      The writing assignment might appear too challenging for the 10th graders.

5.      The topic is convergent. The students might give you a plain answer: No, I can’t.

6.      To encourage writing. You can provide a sample passage.


    When I saw the title, “The nature of language learning activities”, I was quite interested in it.  I wondered what kinds of learning activities discussed in this chapter.

    In fact, the notion of activity is central to an understanding of teaching.  Activities are the basic structural units of planning and action in the classroom.  A lot of types of language learning activities which were commonly used in ESL classes were discussed in the chapter 8, including presentation activities, practice activities, memorization activities, comprehension activities, application activities, strategy activities, affective activities, feedback activities, and assessment activities. 

    This classification is intended to help focus on the relationship between activity types and the purposes for which they are used in language teaching.  However, this classification cannot be regarded as definitive because some activities can be used for several different purposes and distinctions between activity types can overlap.  On the other hand, such a list can be useful in trying to clarify what it is that teachers do when they teach and why they select the kind of classroom activities that they commonly use.  I believe teachers should completely comprehend these activities.        

        I was a little sad and disappointed last Tuesday.  I completely knew that I didn’t do well at that presentation.  To be honest, I did prepare before my presentation.  However, unfortunately, I did awfully worse.  Although Carina and I did discuss all the details of the presentation, I still didn’t perform well.  I thought my failure in presentation was because of my nervousness.  Therefore, I surely believe that I need much practice in order to overcome my psychological obstacles.  I hope I can achieve this goal one day.   

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    The graphic organizer used in Unit 2 is “Five W’s Diagrams.”  In order to let students easily comprehend what the story is, I adopt this graphic organizer.  In this way, students can gradually think about and list the ” Who, Where, When, What, and Why” of a story in a simple visual way.  

     After visiting Lishan High School, I think that students in Lishan are so lucky that they can study there.  First, I was deeply amazed by its broad and beautiful campus.  While entering the campus, I found a clock which was erected straight in the middle of the campus.  As taking a broad view, I saw a lot of tall trees in the back of the campus.  The spacious corridors and campus just made me feel free and unrestrained.  I believe students in Lishan High School can absorb much knowledge and study freely.  Besides, I really admire the principal and administrators who established all features of courses in Lishan High School.  The school has three main characteristics, including international interaction, scientific researches, and whole English teaching.  Nowadays, the principal intends to not only develop Linshan High School outward but also let the world know more about it.  What’s more, all members there try their best to make Lishan High School become an excellent scientific senior high school in Taiwan.  The way that teachers in Lishan High School teach in whole English is also a good way to cultivate students’ English abilities.

     On the other hand, I observed two teachers’ teaching.  I was surprised that teachers in Lishan High School teach students in whole English.  I believe it is a good way to learn English for students.  The lesson object of my first class observation was The Luncheon.  At first, the teacher helped students think off the topic by brainstorming.  I think it is a good way to lead students into thee lesson.  Besides, before students had a listening test, the teacher gave several questions to them.  In this way, it was easier for students to catch important information.  The lesson object of my second class observation was Body Language.  The teacher invited some popular students in the school to take photos which were teaching materials in class.  In this way, it was not difficult to catch students’ attention in class.  Besides, I think it was fine to train students to find the topic sentence by themselves.  I think a teacher must try his or her best to create a suitable atmosphere for learning and make students think that learning can be fun.  I deeply think that these two teachers did well.  During this visit to Lishan, I discover that all members in the school always try there best to achieve the school’s goal.  I believe Lishan with the best and hard-working principal, teachers, administrators, and students is the best scientific senior high school in Taiwan.

{April 28, 2008}   Lesson Plan

        After seeing the lesson plans designed by Alice, I really admired her for her systematic and colorful plans.  A well-organized lesson plan must include two parts, one is for the teacher and another one is for students.  First, in a lesson plan, you may need to plan the purpose, duration, grade level, and so on.  Second, a lesson plan also links to the introduction, handouts, worksheets, and feedback forms which are for students.  Thus it can be seen that Alice spent much time on designing these lesson plans.    

        There are various kinds of ways which can help student improve their English abilities such as the group discussion, the oral presentation, the role play, and so on.  Therefore it is important for every teacher to learn how to design a lesson plan which is a not only interesting but also instructional one.  Finally, I believe it will be a big challenge for every teacher to design a lesson plan which students can reach balance between learning and playing.  

The Preface

        To be honest, it was my first time to visit a school in Taipei, so I really expected to visit Long-Man Junior High School.  I still remember I got up at 6:20 because I needed to wash and dress, then Carina, Leo, Cindy Chen and I would gather together at Danshui Station.

Long-Man Junior High School

        When I saw this school at first sight, an idea flashed into my mind, that is, “what a palatial and impressive school it is.”  After knowing Long-Man is a new-established school, I deeply believe that every teacher and administrative staff definitely tried their best to conduct this school.  I was extremely obsessed through teacher Yung showed us around it.  The environment and facilities in Long-Man are excellent; it possesses the classically elegant campus, fancy wall-paintings, the broad corridor, and other learning places such as classrooms for different subjects, astronomical classroom, the famous ancient monuments, and the graceful library.

        Besides, I was also impressed by the counseling rooms.  I never imagine the counseling rooms can be built in this way which is so comfortable that students who come here may feel relaxed and be willing to say what he or she wants to shares with teachers.   

        After visiting the environment in Long-Man Junior High School, I cannot help guessing that students and teachers in this school undoubtedly love their school as Long-Man Junior High School is really a perfect one.

The interviw with three professors

        I really hope I can teach in school just like Long-Man Junior High School.  However, I often wonder whether I will have the opportunities in the future.  One of classmates raised this kind of question to professors.  I believe that most of classmates were bothered by this question.  After receiving thoughts from three professors, I know the most important thing is how to improve my English abilities.  While having a test on the teacher’s selection, I need to perform not only my English abilities but also courses planning.  Therefore, I think I have to learn how to improve my English abilities such as the accent or speaking fluency instead of being afraid of failures.

Class Observation

        In this period, I had an opportunity to see how Teacher Hung conducts her lessons.  While I entered the classroom, I was extremely astonished by the strained atmosphere in class.  She scolded a student who speak to her with an improper manner and few students who forgot to bring their homework.  At that time, I just thought perhaps she could be a good example for me to learn how to manage a class.       After she blamed on naughty students, she started her lesson.  First, she corrected the answers to testing papers.  Students ask questions and the teacher solved questions for them right away.  I gradually found out that students would follow her steps.  There was no noise except for the sounds of asking questions and answering them.  Besides, while inquiring students whether they had questions or not, she would stand up and move towards students to see if they really had no problem.  

        Second, after discussing the test paper, she gave a quiz unexpectedly.  I believe it is also a good way to push students spontaneously review the lessons at home.

        Finally, at the last five minutes, she taught them grammars, she would ask them to underline some key points and remind them the underlined ones are important. 

        I thought she didn’t clearly say “Starting the class.”  It may be the good way which can make students feel relaxed and soft.  However, I think it is impossible to observe how a teacher conducts her lessons for merely 45 minutes.  It is a kind of pity, isn’t it?

 Concluding Remarks

        Long-Man Junior High School is such a great and excellent school.  I believe every teacher and administrative staff must invest a lot of time in managing their school.  Take the class observation for example, I realized why the teacher can give complete handouts to students, that is, she always sacrifice her precious vacations in order to let students have the best and diversified learning materials.  I learned a lot from this school, that is, as long as I work hard, I will achieve my goal in one day.      






        After visiting Long-Men junior high school, I tried to make the slide shows by myself.  I took many beautiful photos in order to make my report more interesting and colorful.  It is my first time to make the slide shows.  I hope people who visit my blog will like it.    


{April 2, 2008}   Lesson Plans

        After reading the handout which looked at some general lesson planning questions, I believe that planning is one of essential skills of the competent teacher.  The following questions are included.

        First, what should go into an English lesson?  Every lesson and class is different.  In order to make an English plan useful, we should keep three elements in mind, that is, engage, study, and activate.  

        Second, what is a lesson plan?  A lesson plan is a framework for a lesson.  I still remember that one of my classmates saying a lesson plan is just like a “map.”  I think this is the best metaphor of a lesson plan.  It shows you where you start, where you finish, and the route to take to get there.

        Third, why is planning important?  The teacher needs to identify his or her aims for the lesson so the planning is important.  The teacher needs to know what it is he or she wants students to achieve at the end of the lesson.

        Fourth, do you need to plan if you have a course book?  I think teachers always need course books.  A course book has its own advantages and disadvantages.  It all depends on how you use it.  A course book can certainly help planning, but it cannot replace the teacher’s own ideas for how they want to teach in class.

        Finally, what are the principles of planning?  The principles may include several points such as aims, varity, flexibility, and related.  The goal for the lesson plan shouldn’t be too easy and too difficult.  Besides, the teacher should keep students engaged and interested.  I think a plan is just like a guide for the teacher as to where to ho and how to get there.  We should learn how to plan properly as possible as we can.         

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